Demand for international-style education in China is increasing, at a pace that is unmatched by any other country in the world. Opal Education, as a game changer in the Chinese international education industry, is dedicated to helping international schools, nurseries and other education related establishments succeed in China. We are an essential bridge between British institutions and Chinese investors. In addition, Opal Star as a leading CACHE certified teacher training provider in China and Isca as a supplier of high quality international teachers, both being members of the Opal Group, each add tremendous value towards our partners.


We help British schools transform the way they explore overseas markets. We also help agents and investors worldwide to find the right partner schools in the UK. We are uniquely positioned to bridge gaps on working culture and market understanding. With Opal, you will truly realise the potential of your brand.​

A school in the heart of England which has consistently sent its students to excellent universities including Oxford and Cambridge. An innovative school with a Football Academy.
• Education for Life
Following a family style approach and establishing a learning environment to build personality
• Excellent in sport
Many of its students play for elite football clubs
• International foundation
One year programme leading directly towards universities
• Start from tier 2 cities
Focus on Tier 2 and 3 cities and establishing a sustainable model for a vibrant school with international identity
The largest nursery chain in the West Midlands, now coming to China.
• A well managed business
Grew by 5 in the last 3 years
• University collaboration
Working with Wolverhampton University
• Grow at scale
Plans to open over 20 kindergartens in the next 5 years
• Full range of collaboration
Opportunity for a full range of collaboration including branding, teacher recruitment, training support, marketing support and quality control
Lucton School is an independent school in Herefordshire with over 300 years of history. It has been offering education to children between 6 months and 18 years of age since 1708.
• An outstanding educational opportunity
An excellent educational heritage for over 300 years
• British Tradition
The excellent teaching quality, abundant extracurricular activities and houseparents enable the pupils to flourish, academically, socially, intellectually and physically
• Chinese Heart
Integrate Chinese culture and education philosophy, already landed in Shanghai with a mature collaboration model
• Participation and brand first
Contributes throughout the project cycle and adds value on branding, teacher recruitment, training support, marketing and qulaity control etc. to ensure brand values are adhered to
An Ofsted outstanding nursery from Devon which opened its first overseas day care centre in Chengdu on 2 June.
• Ofstead outstanding nursery
Officially rated as Outstanding by Ofstead
• Already landed in China
Already landed in China with a mature collaboration model
• Supports individual projects
Happy to support individual kindergartens and day care centres
• Training as core offering
Treat training as the core offering
The 9th largest nursery chain in the UK, with 47 settings across the country.
• A successful group
Consistently listed as one of the Top 10 largest nursery groups in the UK
• Recognised quality
Awarded “Top 20 Recommended Nursery Group in the UK” by
• Excellent support
An experienced Quality Assurance team of 15 experts providing industry leading support for group members
• Cutting-edge technology
Well-designed centre management software integrating every aspect of nursery operations
Kew’s oldest and most academic private school, catering for children from the age of 3 up to 11.
• Trustworthy brand
The oldest private school in the richest area of London
• Academically leading
Most graduates end up in Britain’s Top 50 independent schools
• Wonderful environment
A creative learning environment in a traditional setting
• Great education offering
Learning for life through the abundant opportunities provided in and outside and classroom
One of the most renowned independent schools in Wales.
• Strong alumni network
An extensive alumni network with industry leaders, commanders, musicians, actors, politicians, sportsmen ……
• Welsh heart
International values with Welsh identity, cultivating students with compassion, tolerance, kindness, integrity and generosity
• King of Rugby
One of the best schools for Rugby in the UK, with numerous national players
• Golf on campus
Golf provision as part of the extra-curricular offering in school
A supply of creators, thinkers and innovators in education. A channel for sourcing great teachers.
• Top quality teachers
We only recruit teachers who have the right to teach in the UK
• Customised service
We analyse your recruitment need to help you identify the best candidate
• Hassle-free process
Help in doing first round interviews significantly reduces your workload
• Reliable judgement
Deep understanding in the teaching market which enables us to advice clients on best judgement when choosing candidate
A leading training provider certified by CACHE, with an integrated curriculum endorsed by Worcester University.
• A CACHE certified training provider
Certified by the globally recognised body in Early Years education
• An integrated curriculum
Independently generated curriculum based on EYFS, specially designed for the Chinese market
• Endorsed by Worcester University
The only internationally early years curriculum for China based on EYFS which is endorsed by a university in the UK
• Tailored services
Training and curriculum services taking your needs at priority